Lisa Edwers & Quran Howard

“Cathedral International renewed my faith and transformed my family’s life.” Lisa Edwers

On any given Sunday, 16-year-old Quran Howard can be found carrying the cross in his role as an acolyte at Cathedral International in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. An honor student at Perth Amboy High School, Quran’s service to the Cathedral is his offering after a life that was almost extinguished by his mother’s struggle.

Eight years ago, Quran and his six siblings arrived at the Cathedral with their mother, Lisa Edwers, a former drug addict and alcohol abuser who had recently recovered from a two-week coma. The single mother who met the Cathedral’s Senior Pastor, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr., when he came to the hospital to pray for her, said, “Cathedral International was one of the best things that happened to my family.” 

“I was broken and at my bottom when I came to Cathedral,” Edwers recalled “My family and I discovered help that we never imagined at this church. We were given food, coats and school supplies. We were taught how to become a responsible family; how to become financially fit; how to pay tithes and offerings; how to pay bills; and become accountable.”

“I wanted more than just a better life for my family,” Edwers said. “I wanted a legacy that would remain with my children and their children for generations to come. I found that and more at Cathedral International. I found a hope that tells me that all things are possible. Look at my son, Quran. He is not on the streets or in jail. He is an honor student, and was recently accepted to Howard University and three other colleges!” 

Lisa Edwers’ story is just one of hundreds of transformative life experiences shared by many congregants at Cathedral International. This year the church celebrates 111 years of effective ministry with an earned reputation of Loving, Lifting and Liberating humanity.