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Baby and Children Dedication (Christening)

Cathedral International rejoices with you on the birth of your child. Children are a heritage from the Lord, and we believe baby dedication is a solemn and serious undertaking. As a Christian Church, we have a biblical mandate to adhere to set forth in the Holy Scriptures regarding childbirth and marriage.

Therefore our policy is as follows:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathedral International will have baby dedications for members with the following guidelines. Children are dedicated on the 3rd Saturday of the month or calendar availability. One family with a maximum total of 15 people (parents, child/children, godparents and family members); per dedication will be held at the Perth Amboy location beginning at 1pm.

All who enter the church are required to have a temperature check, sign the COVID-19 Waiver, wear a mask at all times, and maintain at least a 6-foot distance from everyone. The Church Administrator will confirm arrival time and parents are required to confirm the names of attendees (maximum total of 15 people).

All parents and godparents of the child must attend a Pre-Christening class. This Pre-Christening class is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month by phone (as needed). Time scheduled by the Church Administrator.

Godparents or parent that cannot attend Pre-Christening class due to living out of state or work schedule can be excused from the class. The parent(s) of the child will be instructed to explain their responsibilities. Please let the instructor of the class aware of the parent or godparent that has not attended class.

The parents of the child will receive a baby dedication certificate signed by the Senior Pastor or Officiant that will christen the child and a special gift.

Age is not a factor when dedicating your child. Parents have rededicated their children at the beginning of their teen-age years, Sweet 16 or five years old. It is never too late to dedication your child to the Lord.

Private dedications are available upon request with Church Administrator 732-585-4001 or

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