The Wedding Service at Cathedral International the Historic Second Baptist Church is a special and sacred worship event. A couple stands in the presence of God and the congregation to commit their lives one to the other. It is our desire to see that your wedding is one that will bring honor to God.

We believe in marriage as a God ordained spiritual, religious and legal union between a man and a woman entered into upon mutual consent (Genesis 2:18-25) and thus, will only perform marriage ceremonies between a man and a woman.

Special Notice: Due to the pandemic, Cathedral International will marry Cathedral members. All scheduled weddings at the church are limited to a max total of 15 people. This includes the bride and groom. All who enter the church are required to have temperature check, sign waiver, wear face covering and to keep at least 6 feet distance from everyone. Church Administrator will confirm arrival time and the bride and groom are required to confirm guest names.

For additional questions, please call 732-826-5293 x1121.

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