Beloved of God,

Grace, Mercy and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As many will be traveling and enjoying well-deserved vacations, please remember to return the Lord’s Holy Tithe and give your offerings. This is extremely important because historically, during the summer months our giving declines. Throughout this season, it is challenging to maintain contributions at the level necessary to meet our critical financial obligations (mortgage, insurances, utilities, missions, etc.).

Our Finance Team continues to work to reduce expenses, generate revenue and continue to monitor spending. Through it all, the Lord remains faithful and we give Him praise! Now, let us join together by completing and submitting our Summer 2019 Covenant. This would be a great help and blessing as we endeavor to continue the work of our ministry in excellence.

Thank you for your continued prayers and faithful giving.
In His Service,
Cathedral International Board of Elders

I Hereby Pledge to Remain Faithful To The Admonition of Malachi 3:10 By Continuing to Return the Holy Tithe and Give My Offerings During June 23 – September 22.